Office Chairs

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m working on my at-home office space. After all the tidying and donating of unnecessaries, I have a crystal clear idea of what I want it to look like. John, being as amazing as he is, has been helping me get it to my liking and I’m absolutely

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Egg in a Hole

My favorite part about the weekend is having the time to make breakfast… sleeping in too, of course, but BREAKFAST… I will never ever say no to breakfast.

I tried this “egg-in-a-hole” a couple months ago in an attempt to be creative, and it has easily become my breakfast/brunch go-to. It’s absolutely delicious, super easy to

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Hello World!


Welcome to Living as Lorenathan. Wow, am I excited! HI! Thanks for taking a look! Welcome, welcome! Get comfy!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lorena, a twenty something living in LA with my boyfriend Johnathan. I like avocados, DIYs, cooking, taking pictures, oh yeah, and did I say avocados? I get antsy when I’m not busy and I am always eager to visit the next

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